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About Us

Rowtan Foods was founded in 2020 during Covid-19 Pandemic. The time of the Pandemic was an unprecedented time, With the country under lock down, closed schools, restaurants and people social distancing in their homes it was difficult to buy produce needed. The market was flooded with produce and the middleman (Market vendors) dictated the prices at which the farmer would sell his/her produce. It was tough!!!

Rowtan Farm currently grows a range of products to include Passion Fruits, Garlic, Pumpkin, Oranges, Mangoes and Beans. Seeing the little returns, the farmer was getting from his/her produce during the pandemic prompted us to start Rowtan Foods.  We seek to bridge the gap between the farmer and the consumer. Rowtan engages various farmers, buys their produce and delivers it to the consumers.

Our Value proposition is;

  • To the farmer; we aim at providing a ready and accessible market
  • To the consumer; we provide convenience i.e Fresh produce is delivered to the doorstep of one’s place of continence. And we ensure that you do not run out of fresh produce at any one time.

Our customers can get healthy produce within their monthly budgets on a weekly basis without having to leave the confirm of their home or office.